Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

THE ANIMAL LEGAL DEFENSE FUND was born of a bold and singular vision: that the livesand interests of animals in research labs, on farms, in the wild and in our owncommunities -- would one day be recognized and protected by law. Thanks to thegroundbreaking efforts of hundreds of dedicated attorneys and our more than 100,000 members and supporters, that day draws closer.

Since 1979, the ALDF has been pushing the U.S. legal system to end the abuse andcruelty visited upon countless millions of animals each year. We have won precedent-setting victories and continue to raise awareness among judges and prosecutors ofanimals' rights to freedom from captivity, violence and exploitation. As pioneers in thefield of animal law, we have blazed the trail for tougher laws, tougher enforcement andmore humane treatment of animals in every corner of American life. We are also workingto help animals worldwide through our active participation in CITES, the Convention onInternational Trade in Endangered Species. We have made great strides during the pasttwo decades, but we have really just begun to make the case for those who cannotspeak on their own behalf. Together, we can win lasting justice.

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2014-2015 Board Members:

  Nadia Gonzalez President
  Laura Zagarra Charry Vice President
  Jennifer Trunk Treasurer
  Alana Cano Secretary

Faculty Advisor

  Phyllis Coleman Professor of Law

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