Why you want to join:

  • All Members in good standing may try out for competition teams the Trial Association assembles during the year.
  • 1Ls who perform exceptionally well in the Annual Tryouts may be invited to participate as witnesses in mock trial team competitions open to the upper year law students.
  • Board positions are available to all Members.
  • Online discussion board open to all Members and includes an outline bank for almost every class offered (professor specific) and various trial aids (sample openings, closings, directs, crosses, motions, etc)
  • Exclusive Learning Opportunities for Members
  • Job Opportunities - The Trial Association brings together its Members with practicing attorneys and judges in the community. Many members are asked to intern or work for local attorneys they meet throughout their Trial Association endeavors.
  • Learn from observing real depositions, hearings, and trials.
  • The Trial Association is an excellent networking resource to meet attorneys form the Broward, Dade, and West Palm Beach areas, as they volunteer their time to judge all of our competitions.

What we expect of you:

Obligations include

  • Paying annual membership dues
  • Attending all mandatory meetings during the semester
  • Participation in promoting and organizing in house competitions as well as other law school events.

How to join:

Any student wishing to become a Member must try out by competing in a closing argument competition. A videotaped trial is released online to competitors the day before the try out. Students will then prepare closing arguments over night and the next morning deliver closing arguments before a panel of judges who will be scoring their performance. Based on these scores, a select percentage of competitors will be invited into the organization.

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