Law Student Advisors - Tour Hightlights

The following are some stops that should be made during a tour! Time restraints may prevent you from showing all of the highlights, but it is most important that the prospecitive student gets a current student's perspective about the Shepard Broad Law School and the NSU campus. Many prospective students are also interested in the transition to being a law student, the daily life of a current law student as well as the available clubs and organizations.

Tour Stops: Inside the Law School

  • Student Affairs
  • Law Library, including the printing areas
  • Faculty Wing
  • Faculty Study and Lounge
  • Career Development
  • Classrooms, including the large lecture hall and the court room
  • SBA Office - Student Lounge
  • Student Affairs

Around Campus:

  • Administration Building (one-stop shop)
  • SBE Building (great for studying and Einstein's)
  • NSU Library and Technology Center
  • University Center

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