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Our Mission

It is hoped that the Review may be of service to the law students, law professors, members of the Bar, and to judges upon the bench, and, through them, to the citizens of Florida. As the Review continues to publish our volumes year by year, it will constitute an ever increasing collection of reference materials on local and national law.

About Law Review

Nova Law Review is published three times per year: In October, November, and March. The Review, a student-operated journal, serves judges, practitioners, scholars, and students by publishing outstanding legal scholarship and enhancing the intellectual climate of Shepard Broad Law. Through its collaboration with the legal community, the Review provides timely and thought-provoking commentary from judges, legal practitioners, law professors, and select students. Generally one issue each year is devoted to survey articles and often another issue is in the form of a symposium.

In addition, the Review trains its members in intensive legal research, analysis, and writing, thereby preparing them for the rigors of legal practice and public service. Every member of the Review shares the all-important work of criticizing, reconstructing, and polishing each piece until it is ready for publication. Each member of the Review must also author their own note or comment on a topic of their choice.

As a supplement to the routine daily class work of Shepard Broad Law, the Review affords second and third year students, a means of intensive training in legal writing. One of the most enriching experiences of Review membership comes from fulfilling the Law School’s writing requirement. To become a member of the Review, a student must write an article of publishable quality, in addition to other requirements not set forth herein. The process of researching, writing, and rewriting an article is a unique educational experience. By composing an article, each member of the Review comes to appreciate the special value of revising his or her own submission, as well as working closely with fellow students to achieve one common goal.

2014-2015 Board Members:

  Kyle Roberts Editor-in-Chief
  William Mueller Executive Editor
  Elen Gantner Lead Articles Editor
  Allison Cucinotta Managing Technical Editor
  Tina Tsikis Assistant Executive Editor
  Aaron Ball Assistant Lead Articles Editor
  Marissa Duquette Assistant Technical Editor
  Alyssa Cina Goodwin Editor
  Krista Marti Articles Editor
  Elizabeth Mitchell Articles Editor
  Callie Hannan Articles Editor
  Brittany Henderson Articles Editor
  Andrew Polenberg Articles Editor
  Jill Feluren Projects Editor
  Charles Bearden Alumni Relations Editor
  Richard Nelson Subscriptions Editor
  Grace Burgh Online Journal Editor

Faculty Advisor

  Heather Baxter Associate Professor of Law
  Elena Marty-Nelson Professor of Law

General Members

  • Christina Brown
  • Berta Camps
  • Amanda Carbone
  • Stephanie Carlton
  • Kristina Correa
  • Tricia-Gaye Cotterell
  • Kathleen DeLoach
  • Ariel Deray
  • Dax Dietiker
  • Ashley Ellis
  • Fernando Franco
  • Dylan Fulop
  • Novera Hamid
  • Aysegul Harika
  • Astrid Hervas
  • Jibrael Jaralla Hindi
  • Shannon Kelly
  • Jennifer Noud
  • Daniela Posada
  • Frederick Pye
  • Nicole Rodolico
  • Jerry Saresky
  • Akash Shah
  • David Shaheen
  • Shelby Summers
  • Jaclyn Switalski
  • Jason Tom
  • Anaili Triana
  • Storm Tropea
  • Kerry Valdez
  • Tova Verchow
  • Anastasia White
  • Amanda Winston
  • Hanna Yarmolik
  • Eric Yesner
  • Fallon Zirpoli

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