Why Try Out for Jessup?

Here are some answers to that question:
  • Jessup is an internationally known moot court competition. In fact, it's the largest moot court competition in the world, with almost 700 schools worldwide competing.
  • Almost any prospective employer knows what Jessup is, even if the interviewer didn't compete in it personally. Therefore, it enhances your resume.
  • Not only do you learn about international law, but you will also learn about other areas of law. Often times, the study is so thorough, past competitors feel like they've taken courses in those areas.
  • The Jessup "Compromis" generally covers at least one unexplored or underdeveloped area of international law. Therefore, competitors become almost as knowledgeable as legal experts.
  • Participation in an open research competition with a longer preparation timetable is very different from a short, limited competition. The longer schedule is also conducive to less-frenzied preparation and greater development of both legal writing and oral argument skills.

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