NSU Jessup Team Commitment

Each member of the NSU Jessup Team has the following commitments:


  • May: Complete a section of the Primer on International Law on a bi-weekly basis & turn that section into the coaches.

The team normally meets once near the end of the winter semester for an Orientation Meeting. During the summer, research assignments will be given to each advocate. After that, the team does not usually get together until the beginning of the Fall semester.


  • August: Attend weekly meetings (approximately 2 hours per session) to develop oral advocacy, research, and writing skills, especially as they pertain to International Law.
  • Formulate an oral argument that will be used in competition.
  • Draft a written memorial that will be used in competition.

The Fall sessions are scheduled to end in early November to give each of the competitors, as well as the coaches, the ability to prepare for their final exams. However, competitors may also use their time in November to complete their first drafts of their written memorial.


  • January: Refine the written memorial prior to submission for review by judges at the regional level.
  • January/February: Hone the oral argument to the level that is expected of an advocate competing in the International Rounds in Washington, D.C. This portion of the preparation, including the refinement of the written memorial, usually calls for meeting twice each weekend, for a length of time to be determined.
  • February/March: Travel to the Jessup Regional Moot Court Competition.
  • March/April: If the team does well enough at the regional level, travel to the White & Case Jessup Cup International Rounds in Washington, D.C.

In exchange for this commitment, each team member will receive 1 credit per semester, on a Pass/D/Fail basis. Participation in Jessup will be recorded in your academic transcript.

*- Subject to change without notice

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