Immigration Law Organization

Immigration Law Organization

We, the members of the Immigration Law Organization, hereby form an association to further the common legal and social interests of students seeking to practice and participate in the field of Immigration Law, and promote the highest standards of professional ethics and culture in the law school community.

2014-2015 Board Members:

  Fernando Gonzales-Portillo President
  Macarena Santos Vice President
  Anastasia White V.P. of P.R.
  Brandon Esquenazi VP of Finance
  Maray Santin V.P. of Administration
  Lotoya Joseph-Brown Director of Student Relations

Faculty Advisor

  James Wilets Professor of Law

General Members

  • Michael Aranda
  • Claudio Balladares
  • Catherine Davis
  • Brittney Horton
  • Christine Kelley
  • Isidoro Lopez
  • Antoinette Pollard
  • Liset Romero
  • Olga Skarlat
  • Hanna Yarmolik

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