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Andrew Carter


Andrew Carter is a 2011 Juris Doctorate Candidate at Nova Southeastern University. He earned a B.B.A. in Finance and a B.A. in Anthropology at Southern Methodist University. His background in anthropology permitted to travel throughout the Caribbean and Central America doing anthropological fieldwork where his interests in man’s relationship with the environment developed. He is currently completing a Masters degree at the University of Miami in Marine Affairs and Policy in addition to his Juris Doctorate. His graduate research there focuses on asymmetrical allocations of water quality and quantity across political boundaries.

In the summer of 2009, he explored the Mekong River in Southeast Asia and studied the legal frameworks established by China and Vietnam to facilitate the river’s governance. He also has experience working at the United States Coast Guard in Miami, where he supported the Judge Advocate Office in marine pollution and administrative cases. Additionally, Andrew serves on three executive boards: as the Secretary of the Federalist Society, as the Events Coordinator of the Environmental Law Society, and as the Treasurer of the National Security Law Society.

Andrew will be researching international water rights for the Inter-American Center of Human Rights. Access to proper sanitation, safe drinking water, reasonable hydropower regulation, and sustainable fisheries become complicated challenges in trans-boundary water bodies, which are not easily solved by domestic policy. Andrew will be conducting a comparative analysis of international political solutions as well as investigating how these solutions may collide with traditional principles of state sovereignty. His examination of regional and global cooperation towards sustainable water management will hopefully illuminate progress made by advocates for water as a human right.