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Women's Rights

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  1. Organizations, Government Agencies & Educational Institutions
    1. National Organizations
      1. ACLU Women's Rights Project
      2. Alliance for Justice
      3. Amnesty International USA Women's Human Rights Program
      4. Chicago Women's Liberation Union
      5. Equal Rights Advocates
      6. Face to Face
      7. Feminist Majority Foundation Online
      8. Human Rights First
      9. Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights Women's Program
      10. National Council For Research on Women
      11. National Council of Women's Organizations
      12. National Organization for Women
      13. National Women's Law Center
      14. Open Society Institute
      15. WILD for Human Rights
      16. Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children
      17. U.S. Human Rights Network
    2. International Organizations
      1. Amnesty International: Stop Violence Against Women
      2. Association for Women's Rights in Development
      3. Bridge
      4. Equality Now
      5. Gabriela Network
      6. Global Fund for Women
      7. Human Rights Watch Women's Rights Program
      8. International Jewish Women's Rights Project
      9. International Women's Democracy Center
      10. International Women's Rights Action Watch
      11. Madre
      12. National Commission on the Status of Women
      13. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
      14. Polaris Project
      15. Sisterhood is Global Institute
      16. Stop FGM!
      17. WOMANKIND Worldwide
      18. Women Against Violence Europe
      19. Women's Caucus for Gender Justice
      20. Women for Women International
      21. Women's Edge Coalition
      22. Women in Law and Development in Africa
      23. Women's Learning Partnership
      24. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
      25. Women, Law & Development International Fix this
      26. Women Without Borders
    3. Government Agencies
      1. U.S. Department of State
      2. USAID: Women in Development
    4. Education Institutions and Centers
      1. The International Women's Human Rights Clinic (Georgetown University)
      2. Center for Gender and Refugee Studies (University of California, Hastings College of Law)
      3. Center for Women's Global Leadership (State University of New Jersey)
      4. Center for Women's Health and Human Rights (Suffolk University)
  2. Background Information & Resources
    1. Reference Materials
      1. ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law
      2. The Female Genital Cutting Education and Networking Project
      3. Guide to the International Women's Human Rights Movement
      4. Institute for Women's Policy Research
      5. International Center for Research on Women
      6. International Organizations and Women's Issues (Penn State)
      7. Peace, Conflicts and International Women's Rights (University of Wisconsin)
      8. Researching Women's Human Rights Issues (University of Minnesota)
      9. Research Guide for International Human Rights Lawyers, The Center for Human Rights Law
      10. Human Rights Library, University of Minnesota
      11. Human Rights Library, NYU Law
      12. Women's Human Rights Net
      13. Women's Human Rights Resources (University of Toronto)
      14. Women Watch
      15. Defending Women’s Rights in America and Around the World
      16. Breaking the Glass Ceiling
    2. Treaties, Conventions, International Agreements, and other Relevant Resources
      1. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
      2. Declaration on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women
      3. UN Division for the Advancement of Women
      4. UN Commission on the Status of Women
      5. Convention on the Political Rights of Women