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Religious Freedom

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  1. Organizations, Government Agencies & Educational Institutions
    1. National Organizations
      1. Advocates for Religious Rights and Freedoms (International Community of Christ, Church of the Second Advent)
      2. American Center for Law and Justice (conservative Christian)
      3. American Civil Liberties Union (Religious Liberty)
      4. American Indian Religious Rights Foundation
      5. Americans United for the Separation of Church and State
      6. Anti-Defamation League
      7. Auburn University Religious Freedom Page
      8. Becket Fund for Religious Liberty
      9. Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
      10. Coalition for the Separation of Church and State
      11. Council on American-Islamic Relations
      12. First Amendment Cyber-Tribune on Religious Liberty
      13. Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
      14. Liberty Counsel (conservative Christian)
      15. Religious Freedom Page of the University of Virginia
      16. Religious Freedom Watch (Scientology and minority religions)
      17. Rutherford Institute
      18. United States Commission on International Religious Freedom
      19. United States Department of State
      20. United States Institute of Peace (Religion and Peacemaking)
    2. International Organizations
      1. Center for Religious Freedom
      2. Church of Scientology International on Religious Freedom
      3. Forum 18
      4. Institute for Global Engagement
      5. International Association for Religious Freedom
      6. International Coalition for Religious Freedom
      7. Muslim Council of Montreal
      8. Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
      9. Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion and Belief
      10. United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (MOST Clearinghouse on Religious Rights)
      11. Vatican on Religious Freedom
  2. Background Information & Resources
    1. United States Supreme Court Cases on Freedom of Religion
      1. First Amendment Cyber Tribune Comprehensive Website
      2. Religious Freedom Cases
      3. Establishment of Religion Cases
      4. Free Exercise of Religion Cases
      5. Conscientious Objector Cases