Family Law Society

Family Law

The purpose of the Family Law Society (FLS) is to familiarize students in the field of family law through guest speakers, fundraisers and volunteer activities, while providing an avenue for community projects and support.

Family Law is a dynamic field which includes topics such as Juvenile Law, Child Custody, Child Welfare, Divorce Law, Adoption Law, Wills & Estates, Mediation, Collaborative Family Law, and so many more. The FLS provides students who are interested in Family Law the opportunity to network within the community, while learning about the many complexities of this growing area of law.


Membership is open to all NSU law students who are interested in learning and becoming involved with family law issues. 


Please contact for more information or to join.

2014-2015 Board Members:

  Andrew Simon Vice President
  Jasdeep Aujla Secretary
  Amanda Carbone Historian
  Jessica Donner Fundraising Coordinator
  Lynn Taylor Treasurer

Faculty Advisor

  Timothy Arcaro Associate Dean for AAMPLE and Online Programs & Professor of Law

General Members

  • Michelle Avis
  • Janet Aznar
  • Aaron Ball
  • Tiffani Bishop
  • Alexis Charran
  • Catherine Davis
  • Zachary Davis
  • Alexandra DeRenzo
  • Hillary Goldman
  • Sara Haines
  • Shannon Jones
  • Monica Jordan
  • Emily Josephson
  • Donna McMillan
  • Steven Papadonikolakis
  • Emily Pineless
  • Steffani Russo
  • Jeremy Serres
  • Asra Syed
  • Tova Verchow
  • Lindsey Zielinski

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