Democratic Law Student Council

Who We Are

The National Democratic Law Student Council (NDLSC) is a national organization with over eighty five chapters throughout the country. Founded in 2006, the NDLSC primary focuses on promoting democratic ideals and issues on law school campuses by crafting active, engaging and informed law students to participate in the Democratic Party. The NDLSC provides a forum for law students to take an active part in politics by giving members the opportunity to participate in: non-partisan voter registration drives, legal research, political debates, internship networking opportunities, and a political outlet for students on campus to join.

Mission Statement

We, as members both of the Democratic Party as well as the legal profession, seek to promote and encourage members of the NSU Law student body to participate and take an active role in furthering the Democratic Party. We promote social awareness, community activism, volunteering, and political action by creating a forum for students to gather, organize, debate, and become informed of important political issues.


2012-2013 Board Members:

  Casey Mullin President
  Jose Orochena Events Director
  Nadia Zarei Membership Director
  Hillary Rosenzweig Secretary

Faculty Advisor

  Johnny Burris Adjunct Professor

Shepard Broad Law Center | 3305 College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale-Davie, Florida 33314-7796 | 800-986-6529
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