Veterans Workshop – Stateside Legal Rights for Veteran and Military Personnel (2 Credits) LAW 4681

ALSV Workshop This ALSV Workshop will examine the unique and often complex legal issues that veterans and military personnel encounter stateside as a result of active duty military service or veteran status. Topics covered: The Uniform Code of Military Justice (veteran status/ discharge military upgrades); USERRA-Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights for National Guard, Armed Forces, and Reservists (employment issues); Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (consumer issues); military family law; traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder (client relations); Department of Veteran Affairs Benefits; women the military/ women veterans; veteran treatment courts; Florida State benefits for veterans and servicemembers. Classes will consist of initial instruction and discussion followed by case scenarios. Hypotheticals will be presented and students will identify, research, and develop the legal issues including interpreting and applying statues, regulations, and case law. Students will gain the necessary knowledge and legal skills involved in analysis of military personnel and veterans¿ rights. Prerequisite(s): All first year courses