Environmental Enforcement Seminar (2 Credits) LAW 0780

Seminar that surveys those aspects of the law that pertain to the enforcement of environmental laws by federal, state and local government officials and private citizens. The seminar will begin with an introductory overview of some general issues in the field, including questions of environmental federalism, how to measure environmental success, and environmental justice considerations. It will then cover the legal issues that arise from self-reporting of compliance information by regulated entities, and site investigations by government inspectors. From there the seminar will survey legal aspects of administrative enforcement, civil judicial enforcement, enforcement of waste site liability, criminal enforcement and citizen suit enforcement. Finally, the seminar will consider compliance assistance, compliance incentives other than direct enforcement, and various alternatives to traditional enforcement methods. Students will be required to prepare a 25 page term paper on some legal aspect of environmental enforcement. Towards the end of the semester, they will also be required to do a 20 minute presentation to the rest of the seminar regarding their research project. Prerequisite(s): Constitutional Law I