Internet Law (3 Credits) LAW 0500

Today’s lawyer must have a basic understanding of the laws that apply in cyberspace as both a businessperson and legal adviser. This course will survey how brick and mortar legal principles are applied in cyberspace as well as discuss key statutes and rules that are unique to the internet. Topics include: 1) Jurisdiction, choice and conflict of laws; 2) Contract formation in cyberspace, clickwrap and browsewrap agreements; 3) Defamation and other torts; 4) Websites as real or personal property; 5) Trademark, Google keyword advertising, domain name disputes and cybersquatting; 6) Copyright, YouTube and the DMCA; 7) Licensing and End User Agreements; 8) Taxing internet sales; 9) Privacy and data collection; 10) Online auctions and more.
Additional Prerequisite(s): Constitutional Law I; Criminal Law