Inter-Club Council

Purpose: Facilitate discussion of school wide issues.

Structure: SBA and affiliated Organizations.

SBA's position: We are a vector for the student body to the Administration and Faculty. As such, we are here to facilitate the interaction between the two entities with open discussion and candor. SBA at no time has a "side" on any issue, unless it involves SBA, and only means to facilitate discussion; when the Inter-Club Council decides an issue, SBA’s responsibility is to convey that issue to the Administration and Faculty. SBA has limited and conditional voting privileges in this meeting (set forth below), Organizations receive one vote and only Organization Presidents or Vice Presidents, acting as a proxy, may vote. Quorum is set at those present, simple majority passes a resolution. If the issues involve SBA, the SBA President has one vote. Any ties will be tabled for the next ICC meeting in hopes of a resolution, in the event a second tie occurs the matter will be brought before the entire SBA council to tie break.

Minutes: Minutes will be available to Organization Presidents. Approval will not be necessary; however clarification and changes will be accepted, if timely. Minutes will be disseminated to the Organization Presidents for overview; changes must be requested within 48 hours. These minutes will be furnished to the entire SBA council for uniformity in position.

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