Supreme Court Swearing-In Ceremony

Twenty-Four NSU Law Alumni Admitted to Practice before the Supreme Court of the United States

The Law Center sponsored its fourth biennial United States Supreme Court Admissions Ceremony on April 28, 29, and 30, 2014. Since 2008, the Law Center has organized a biennial trip to the Court for this memorable event. Twenty-four alumni traveled to Washington, DC to be admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States. NSU Law Center alumni stood before the nine justices of the Supreme Court and were sworn in to the bar of the highest court in the nation. Applicants were members of the Bars of the states of Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia and were found to possess the necessary qualifications for admission. Candidates were met by the Clerk of the Supreme Court and escorted into the Courtroom where they were seated directly behind counsel table. Law Center Professor Bruce Rogow moved the admission to the Bar on Monday and Tuesday while Visiting Professor Tim O'Brien made the motion on Wednesday. Chief Justice Roberts granted the motion. The attorneys remained in the courtroom to watch oral arguments, which occurred on all three days. On Monday, Alumni were joined by NSU President George L. Hanbury, II, Ph.D, NSU Vice President for Advancement and Community Relations, Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson, Ph.D., NSU Executive Director of Alumni Relations, Sharon Sullivan, NSU Law's Interim Dean Elena B. Langan, and Director of Alumni Relations, Elena Minicucci.

On April 28, 2014, the Law Center and NSU's Alumni Association hosted an evening event at Bistro Bis where NSU Alumni from the DC area joined with NSU Law alumni being admitted, along with their guests. The guest speaker for the evening was Dr. Gale Allen, Deputy Chief Scientist for NASA, and one of our 2013 Distinguished Alumni award recipients. Allen discussed "Finding Life 'Out There' the Future of Space Exploration". Hanbury shared his vision for the University and told the group about new developments and initiatives at NSU.

Alumni sworn in included:
  • Karey L. Bosack Greenstein '05
  • Melina Buncome '93
  • Clarissa Cabreja '03
  • Jason Chodos '06
  • Prince Donnahoe '95
  • Molly Gaussa '02
  • Natalie Giachos '06
  • Luis Gomez '96
  • Joshua Goodman '98
  • Jose Guerrero '03
  • Samantha Fitzgerald '99
  • Trisha Hewes '09
  • Dennis Moore '93
  • Thomasina Moore '93
  • Victoria Morton '03
  • William O'Connor '00
  • Bartosz Ostrzenski '02
  • Ignacio Sarmiento '05
  • Kara Schickowski '07
  • Scott Smiley '03
  • Mark Solomon '79
  • Keith Sonderling '08
  • Chad Van Horn '09
  • Ethan Wall '07

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