Bradford Cohen

Shepard Broad Law Center-One of the Bar Exam's Biggest Stars

The Shepard Broad Law Center was recently ranked by The National Jurist , in the February 2012 issue, as one of the "Best Schools for Bar Exam Preparation." The Law Center placed 10th among 85 law schools. The study compared bar passage performance in relationship to the entering credentials of students. Using a formula that takes into consideration the 25th percentile of scores on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) for entering students in 2010 and the ratio of graduates who passed the bar exam compared to the statewide average pass rate for the years 2009 and 2010, the Law Center was nationally ranked as one of the best law schools for bar exam preparation.

The Law Center provides students a "value added" education in relation to the overall entering credentials of students. Graduates of the Law Center consistently outperform what might have been predicted bar passage performance based on the LSAT score alone. This result is made possible by the work and commitment of many individuals at the Law Center including: the Critical Skills Program instructors who help students develop skills that make them successful in law school, on the bar exam and in practice; faculty members who are dedicated to teaching excellence and who demand the best from their students; individuals who participate in the Law Center's Florida Bar Auxiliary Program as coaches for students in the critical weeks of bar preparation; the many donors who contribute to the Law Center's bar gift fund enabling one or more students to forego summer employment in order to prepare for the exam; and graduates who work diligently preparing for the bar exam.

While bar exam performance may be one indicator of a quality legal education, high bar passage rate is not the primary focus of the teaching and curriculum of the Law Center. The ultimate mission of the Law Center is to "ensure that [our] students develop the knowledge, skills and values that are at the heart of becoming trusted, highly adept, professional lawyers who are respected for serving their clients, their communities and justice." Students at the Law Center are introduced to and gain a broad understanding of law that goes far beyond the borders of Florida.

All of us at the Law Center are proud of the accomplishments of our students and what we offer them...a value added education from faculty and staff who care.

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