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The Law Student Advocates (LSA) are a group of current law student who support the Admissions Office by providing tours, participating in student panels, and general information sessions to discuss their experiences at NSU Law. Below are just a few of our LSA participants who have agreed to tell you a little about themselves as well as offer important advice about attending law school.

Genna Appledorf-2L

University of Central Florida
Political Science/Psychology
Organizations: Law Student Advocate, Representative for Barbri, Intellectual Property Law Society, Treasurer

In the summer of 2012 I worked in a firm specializing in computer forensics in criminal and civil cases. I am interested in pursuing a career in the area of intellectual property, or sports and entertainment law, although I keep myself open to other opportunities.

My first year of law school was scary and intimidating. I felt as though I had stepped into a whole new universe, and I had. If there is any advice that I can offer prospective students it is to stay focused and on track. Try not to fall behind in the reading, and don't pay attention to anyone else's performance, worry about improving yours. Law school by design is difficult and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be successful. If your accomplishments in law school fuel your passion for the law, be assured that you've found your calling.

Natasha Borrero-4L

Law Student Advocate
Montclair State University
Justice Studies/Paralegal
Organizations: Law Student Advocates

I am originally from New Jersey and an evening student in my final year of law school. I am also a paralegal with a bankruptcy law firm. Over my three year experience in this position I have become more and more interested in bankruptcy law, which I hope to practice when I graduate. I also have an interest in estate planning, probate administration, and real estate law.

I would suggest that a prospective law student learn to network as much as possible before and during law school. Becoming a member of at least one club when you start is extremely helpful in terms of relationship-building and settling in. Individuals in clubs are usually those who are either in the same position that you are, or have been there before. Remember that the connections you make from the moment you enter the law school are as important for your law school experience as your legal career.

Alison Trejo-2L

Florida International University
Business Administration
Organizations: Law Student Advocates

Both my undergraduate degree and MBA are in Finance. My career focus has been in the hedge fund industry. I am also involved with the campus through clubs, teaching assistant positions, and honors organizations. In my minimal free time I enjoy paddle boarding. Law School is a big commitment, so think long and hard about whether you are ready to give it your all and do exactly that.

Danielle Turner-4L

Law Student Advocate
LeMoyne College
Political Science
Organizations: Law Student Advocates

I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY and worked up to three jobs while completing my undergraduate degree. I also maintained an active presence on the boards of many student organizations. I moved to Florida in 2008 and worked for a year while preparing to take the LSAT and apply to law school.

I am working full-time in the legal field while attending Nova Law as an evening student. My interests include spending time with my extended family who live close by, trying to tame my pet cat Mimi who thinks she is a lioness rather than a domestic cat, and making decorative candles. To a prospective applicant, I would suggest taking the time to really find out about what law school entails and requires. Having a good idea of what to expect will make for a much smoother transition into law school.

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