Shepard Broad Law Center is housed in Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall on Nova Southeastern University’s main campus in suburban Fort Lauderdale.The Law Center’s address is 3305 College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314.The facilities of the Law Center include:

  • Atrium: A central gathering point used for study and social space, dining, special events, and access to classrooms and administrative offices.The Supreme Court Cafe is located in the Atrium.

  • Courtrooms: There are two courtrooms, both outfitted with the latest technology that is used in federal and state courtrooms in Florida.The courtrooms host a variety of activities including practice and competition space for moot court teams.

  • Large Lecture Room: One room that seats about 120 persons.

  • Lecture Rooms: Five rooms that seat approximately 60 persons.

  • Classrooms: Three rooms that seat approximately 40 persons.

  • Seminar Rooms: Three rooms seating approximately 20 persons each.

  • Critical Skills Program Wing: Offices and conference room for instructors and students in our comprehensive academic support program.

  • Faculty Office Wing: The second floor of Goodwin Hall’s west wing houses offices and conference rooms for full-time faculty and faculty assistants.Within this space is a Faculty Lounge and Faculty Terrace which provide activity and meeting space for student organizations, faculty development and scholarship,and collaborative student-faculty ventures.

  • Law Library & Technology Center: Occupies much of the east wing of Goodwin Hall.The three-story library contains print materials, technological services, seminar space, study tables, study carrels, and group study rooms, some faculty offices, and the International Programs Office.

  • Administrative Offices: Located on the east side of the Atrium are the Dean’s Suite, the Career Resources Office, and the Office of Student Services.

  • Student Lockers: Located on the first floor’s west side, adjacent to the Atrium.

  • Student Lounge: Space for student relaxation, student organizations, a refrigerator and vending and microwave near to classrooms.

  • Legal Clinic: Offices and conference space for the Law Center’s Legal Clinics is on the west end of the first floor.

Shepard Broad Law Center | 3305 College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale-Davie, Florida 33314-7796 | 800-986-6529
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