Arbitration and Mediation

Arbitration and mediation, forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), are ways to settle disputes by means other than litigation. These procedures are usually less costly and often a more expeditious route than litigation and are increasingly used in commercial and labor disputes, divorce actions, resolving motor vehicle and medical malpractice tort claims and other disputes that would typically involve court litigation. Mediation provides a forum in which parties can resolve their own disputes with the help of a neutral third party; the mediator keeps the parties talking and helps them through the more difficult points of contention. Arbitration is more like traditional litigation in that the neutral third party hears the arguments of the two parties and imposes a final and binding decision that is enforceable by the courts.

Faculty Teaching in this Area:

Prof. Fran Tetunic

Core Courses:

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Clinic
Mediation Workshop

Specialty Courses:

International Sales & Arbitration
Interviewing and Counseling
Negotiating Workshop

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