Master of Science in Health Law

Few professional fields are changing as fast and as frequently as healthcare. The Affordable Care Act has brought the discussion inside every American home, but other industry trends have been growing for years. An aging population, medical records privacy and insurance fraud are on every health professional's radar. Meanwhile, faulty medical devices and bad drugs have created their own cottage industry for lawyers.

What the industry needs is a balanced legal approach that weighs the interests of hospitals, healthcare workers, physicians and manufacturers, while always keeping patient rights front and center. The complexity of the task is enormous, but you're up for the challenge.

Why a Master's of Science in Health Law
from Nova Southeastern University?

Nova Southeastern University's Shepard Broad Law Center has developed online curriculum that can help you take full advantage of the opportunities presented by a career in Health Law. Our program allows you the freedom and flexibility to maintain your work and home responsibilities, study on your own schedule, and achieve knowledge that, depending on your job, could be put into practice right away.

  • Get your Master's in Health Law in as little as two years
  • Study online, on your schedule, with only three campus visits required
  • Be admitted without GRE or LSAT exam requirements

This Online Master's in Health Law is designed for health care practitioners, administrators, members of the insurance and managed care industries, public policy advocates, and other health care professionals interested in medical law. Relevant professional experience is recommended for entry into this program, along with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, Psychology, Biology, Healthcare/Business Administration or another directly applicable field.

Online Health Law Program Highlights

This program at Nova Southeastern University will provide you with the opportunity to study the issues, processes and concepts that determine the framework and function of American health care law. You will gain a solid understanding of health law, legal terminology and research techniques, as well as become immersed in relevant statutes, legal citations, case law and administrative codes. Benchmarks of your progress and performance throughout the program will include:

  • Identifying and researching complex legal issues that intersect law and the health care industry
  • Generating a thesis and writing a scholarly article suitable for publication
  • Verbally communicating complex medical law issues using the proper legal terms, including legal citations, to counsel
  • Identifying applicable statutory law, case law, and administrative codes and incorporating those concepts into your healthcare law research and writings

The Future of Health Law

Financial and employment reporting on the major news networks consistently refer to the "healthcare economy" as being recession proof. There is certainly truth to that statement as the total number of all healthcare jobs is expected to increase by 20+ million by 2020.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that opportunities specific to Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Compliance and Health Information Management Law will grow by approximately 22% during that same time period. Studying for your online Master's in Health Law from Nova Southeastern University can help you become an impactful contributor to the exciting future that lies ahead.

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