Master of Science in Employment Law

Today's employers are facing a perfect storm of economic pressures, an aging workforce, intrusive technologies, and new government mandates on healthcare and more. Meanwhile, employees are required to do more with less, pay higher benefit costs, and work into what would have traditionally been their retirement years.

Add 24/7 connectivity, a multigenerational workforce, diversity concerns, privacy breaches and labor unions, and you have a landscape ripe for litigation. That's where you can make a difference, starting today.

Why a Master's of Science in Employment Law
from Nova Southeastern University?

Nova Southeastern University's Shepard Broad Law Center has created targeted online curriculum to help train you for an impactful career in ensuring equitable employment for all persons. Our program allows you to continue in your current position and maintain your personal priorities, while gaining knowledge that you can immediately begin to apply to your profession. Better yet, you can do it from the convenience of your own home or office, during the hours that work for you.

  • Get your Master's in Employment Law in as little as two years
  • Study online, on your schedule, with only three campus visits required
  • Be admitted without GRE or LSAT exam requirements

At least two years of Human Resources or Business experience is recommended for entry into this program, along with a Bachelor's degree in an applicable field. It is the goal of our admissions team to ensure that students will receive maximum benefit from securing a Master's of Science in Employment Law.

Online Employment Law Program Highlights

This program at Nova Southeastern University will provide you with a solid understanding of human resources law, legal terminology and research techniques, as well as immerse you in the legal aspects of the structure, history and values underlying employment relations in the United States. You'll learn how to identify legal issues affecting employers and employees, and how to partner with a lawyer in weighing the legal, social and economic risks of labor law decisions on:

  • Wages and Benefits
  • Occupational Safety
  • Discrimination and Harassment
  • Medical Leave
  • Bargaining Units and Unions
  • Workplace Privacy

The Future of Employment Law

Today's employees have become increasingly aware of their legal rights within the modern workplace. Many businesses and human resources departments are challenged to keep current with labor laws, particularly if there are no expertly trained individuals on staff.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates job growth in this area to increase by 13% by 2020. Clearly, the need to add employment law experts to the human resources team is a trend that will continue to grow right along with the complexity of American labor. Studying for your online Master's in Employment Law from Nova Southeastern University can help you contribute to the future of workplace equality for older workers, LGBT employees, the disabled, working families, and others in need of legal support.

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Shepard Broad Law Center

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