Program Calendar

(Students that began July 2012)

The program begins with a mandatory on-campus Residential Institute for the Study of Employment Law, to which the students will return each year. Thereafter, online, each student will complete four 10-week terms of coursework. Full time students take two courses per session, except for the final session, during which only one course is required. Thereafter, students have approximately six months to complete an in-depth research project.

An initial slate of courses is required: Legal Research Methods and Reasoning; Technology and Privacy Concerns in the Workplace; Survey of Contract Law, Survey of Tort Law, Federal Employment Statutes and Regulations; Administrative Law; Employment Discrimination; Developing Employment Polices and Handbooks; Thereafter, students may choose from a variety of electives to complete course credit requirements.


  • Institute for the Study of Employment Law Part I MEML 1010 - 1 credit
  • Legal Research, Methods, and Reasoning MEML 1020 - 3 credits
  • Technology and Privacy Concerns in the Workplace MEML 1030 - 2 credits


  • Overview of Federal Employment Statutes and Regulations MEML 1040 - 2 credits
  • Survey of Contract Law Employment MEML 1050- 2 credits


  • Administrative Law and Employment MEML 1070 - 2 credits
  • Survey of Tort Law in Employment MEML 1060 -2 credits


  • Employment Discrimination MEML 1080 - 2 credits
  • Developing Employment Policies and Handbooks MEML 1090 - 2 credits

Second year

  • Institute for the Study of Employment Law Part II MEML 2000 - 1 credit

Electives all 2 credits - Students choose 2 electives from each session for a total of 4 electives or 8 credits.

(Choose 2 Classes)

  • Employee Benefits MEML 2020
  • Hiring, Firing, Promoting and Evaluating EEs MEML 2040
  • Immigration and Naturalization Concerns in Employment MEML 2050
  • Laws, Regulating Wages and Hours MEML 2060

Fall (Choose 2 Classes)

  • Preventing Harassment MEML 2030
  • Whistleblowers and Preventing Retaliation MEML 2090
  • Laws Regulating Unions and Management MEML 2070
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution MEML 3010


  • Individual Research Project, Capstone Project, Part I MEML 3020 - 3 Credits


  • Individual Research Project, Capstone Project, Part II MEML 3021 - 3 Credits


  • The Study of Employment Law Part III, (RI). Students present their Individual Research Projects (required)

An elective class must have a minimum of three students registered at the close of registration to run.

*Please note that students are not permitted to register for the IRP until all required course work has been successfully completed.

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