Broward County Jury Awards $38.5 Million Dollars to a Client of NSU Law Alumni

Posted on: 05/29/2013

Jurors in Broward County awarded $38.5 million dollars to a client of Robert Kelley (81’) and Bonnie Navin (97’) of Kelley Uustal. The client suffered from severe brain injuries due to malpractice. The jury f found “clear and convincing evidence” to assess “strikes” to anesthesiologists involved in the case.

In 2008 the client underwent a Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) and never woke up. During cross-examination, the anesthesiologists involved admitted that he should have not performed the procedure on the client. The jury assessed “strikes” to the anesthesiologists as a result of Florida Amendment 8, also known as the “Three Strikes” Amendment, which specifies that if found guilty of three medical malpractices, doctors could lose their medical licenses. Kelly will present the jury’s findings to the Florida Board of Medicine.

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