Students Volunteer Over 23,000 Hours of Legal Work

Posted on: 04/29/2013

The graduating class of 2013 participated in the Pro Bono Honor Program and volunteered 23,041 hours of pro bono legal work while in law school, an all-time record. This is an impressive volunteer effort, and its impact on the community is beyond measure.
From the class of 2013, 93 students qualified for recognition by performing at least 50 hours of pro bono service. The total number of hours is the equivalent of over 460 work weeks (at 50 hours per week) or almost 9 years of service (at 50 work weeks per year). The top three levels in terms of number of students volunteering and the total number of hours were Bronze (50-124 hours), Silver (125-299), and Gold (300+ hours). In addition, 18 graduates received summer and/or academic year fellowships for a total of 3,300 volunteer hours.

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