General Legal Writing Materials:

  • Legal Writing For The "Real World": A Practical Guide To Success, by Professors Megan E. Boyd and Adam Lamparello. This article provides practical writing tips that will prepare you to hit the ground running in law school as well as "real world" practice. It is worth the time to read.

  • The Writing Center at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's College of Arts & Sciences provides a comprehensive list of writing resources and materials that are sure to benefit you when writing your memoranda, law school essays, and the like.

  • The Good Legal Writing Blog provides very good up to date resources and materials on the best practices for legal writing. Check the "Category" list for very useful information on how to write persuasively. It also includes grammar, punctuation and writing style workshops and lessons.

  • The selected works of Gerald Lebovitz provides writing references for general legal writing, legal research, oral arguments, and trial advocacy. The works also provide the distinctions of IRAC and CREAC for legal writing assignments. The most useful lessons on this page will be legal writing (general), legal research, legal ethics, oral argument and trial advocacy. All links are in PDF format.

  • This link provides direct access to grammar specifications for legal writing. This will help students refine their vocabulary used in their writing. Gerald Lebovitz lists twenty rules for writing with correct grammar. This link is extremely helpful in structuring sentences properly for a paper. It also points out common errors in legal writing and will help you to avoid these errors in your papers.

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