Grammar & Punctuation:

  • The reference desk provides multiple links to basic writing, grammar, and punctuation skills. There is access to some schools' writing labs but the most useful links will be the links pertaining to grammar and punctuation. This website will be especially helpful for those students who feel that extra practice with grammar skills will be useful to them.

  • The Grammar Book provides students with the proper way to use grammar, punctuation, and commonly confused words in writing. This is a useful tool to check your writing during review and proofreading.

  • The guide to Grammar and Writing website lets you search different uses of words and how they should appear in sentences. This website is great for checking your sentence and paragraph structure during review and proofreading.

  • The Quick and Dirty tips for Grammar answer very basic and rudimentary grammar questions. For example, this site helps to determine when to use 'who' or "whom" and similar tips. This should be a quick go to website if you have a specific question on verb tenses and what words to use.

  • A Brief Grammar for Lawyers is a useful, easy to navigate guide on proper grammar usage in legal writing. Examples are provided to explain sentence structure and the usage of every part of speech. This website would be a good addition to a student's bookmarks or favorites.

  • The Legal Writing Teaching Assistant: The Law Student's Guide to Good Writing by Professor Marc A. Grinker, provides explanations of the rules of grammar, punctuation, and good writing that are most important to legal writing.

  • This link provides useful information on errors that are commonly made when writing in the English language.

  • This website identifies each punctuation in writing.

  • This CALI lesson reviews the most common mistakes in legal writing. It discusses basic writing mistakes. This is a very useful lesson to review before writing a paper.

  • This CALI lesson helps students advance their knowledge of grammar and punctuation.

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