International Law Concentration

The NSU Law Center offers a concentration in "International Law," permitting students to obtain recognition for their course work in our vast selection of classes offered in international and/or comparative legal studies. Completion of the requirements for this course of study will lead to a notation on the qualified student's transcript and a concentration indicating the student's focus, interest and specialized training in this area.

To earn an "International Legal Practice Concentration" each student must complete the course, credit, writing and service requirements described below. These requirements may not be waived.

Course and Credit Requirements

All students must: (1) complete at least 16 credit hours in approved international practice courses and activities, and (2) receive at least a grade of "C" or a "pass" for each credit that counts toward the concentration.

Students who complete the International Practice Clinic must also successfully complete 6 credit hours of international/comparative law courses or activities outside of the Clinic. These credit hours may come from any of the courses or activities provided below and may include the international law course prerequisites for participation in the Clinic.

  • Admiralty or Admiralty Seminar
  • Comparative Law
  • Immigration
  • International Arbitration
  • International Business Transactions
  • International Criminal Law (or International Criminal Law Workshop)
  • International Human Rights (seminar or course)
  • International Law (seminar or course)
  • International Litigation
  • International Regulation of Trade
  • International Taxation
  • International Trade Workshop
  • Travel Law
  • An international/comparative law course offered in a summer abroad program sponsored by the Law Center
  • An international/comparative law course taught elsewhere but approved by a NSU international law faculty member
  • Supervised Research on an international/comparative law topic approved by a NSU international law faculty member
  • Other international/comparative law courses subsequently added to the NSU curriculum and approved by the international law faculty
  • ILSA Journal Executive Board Member
  • An international law moot court competition

Students who do not successfully participate in the International Practice Clinic must successfully complete 16 credit hours from the courses listed in Section 1.A above.

"Comparative law" refers to the examination of the similarity or differences among foreign legal systems or the comparison of foreign legal systems to the US legal system. International law refers to one set of laws or legal rules that are binding on more than one country simultaneously through the operation of treaties, customary international law, jus cogens, natural law or other internationally recognized legal process.

Writting Concentration

All students must complete at least two of their concentration credits in a writing based course or activity focused on an international/comparative law topic. Credits earned for this writing component will be counted toward the requirements for earning the certifictae. Each of the writing-based courses counting toward the concentration must be completed under the direction of an international law faculty member, but need not be graded by an international law faculty member. Such direction shall include, at a minimum, prior and final approval of the subject matter. Writing based courses or activities include:

  • Seminars satisfying the Law Center's writing requirement
  • Law Journal or Law Review papers (when used to satisfy the Law Center's writing requirement)
  • Independent supervised research projects involving an international/comparative topic
  • Moot court brief writing involving an international/comparative topic
  • Other special writing projects

Service Component

In addition to the requirements described above, all students seeking a concentration in international practice must complete a 20-hour service requirement. This service requirement may be fulfilled in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, active participation in the activities of ILSA, pro bono legal work, volunteer work for the international section of the Florida bar or participation in the activities of an association or organization involving transnational, international or immigration/asylum law.


The International Concentration Form must be turned into the Faculty Coordinator of the concentration by October 15th to appear in the December Hooding Ceremony program and by March 15th to appear in the May Hooding Ceremony program. A completed Concentration Form must be turned in by the last day of finals in the student's last semester in order for a notation to be noted on the student's transcript. The Faculty Coordinator of the Concentration may change from year to year, so check with Student Affairs to determine the Faculty Coordinator for a given year.

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