Maxine Streeter

Maxine K. Streeter

Adjunct Professor


B.A., Dean's List University of Florida, 1985
J.D., Shepard Broad Law Center, Nova Southeastern University, 1991


Ms. Streeter is a seasoned litigator with specialized expertise in managing complex commercial litigation and civil rights class action caseloads from discovery through settlement or trial. Ms. Streeter is a Partner with Conrad & Scherer, LLP, a commercial litigation practice representing plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of civil cases in the areas of fraud, civil theft, negligence, negligent misrepresentation, contracts, bankruptcy and medical malpractice defense. 

Previously, Ms Streeter served as a Senior Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Litigation and Economic Crimes Unit and also served as an Industry Arbitrator for the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc.

Ms. Streeter co-authored  Blue Sky Law: 1993 Nova Law Review 45 and is professionally active in the community, such as, City of Fort Lauderdale - Citizen’s Police Review Board Appointee, Florida Bar, Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Grievance Committee Appointee and much more.

For detailed information on Adjunct Professor Streeter’s work, please refer to the attached resume.

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