Available Clinics

Each clinical semester begins with intensive classes taught on-campus which may include weekend days.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic

The legal profession increasingly relies on alternative dispute resolution. The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Clinic provides student interns with ample opportunity to mediate and arbitrate while learning ADR options and improving communication skills. Students mediate or arbitrate cases that may include diversionary cases for juveniles arrested for misdemeanors; restitution mediation for victims and offenders; County Court mediation; community dispute mediation; and court-annexed arbitration. They may also assist with Teen Court by preparing teen-aged students serving as attorneys to “try” cases of alleged juvenile offenders.

Business Practice Clinic

The Business Practice Clinic prepares students to enter the challenging field of business law. Clinic students have the opportunity to develop transactional skills, including planning, interviewing, counseling, negotiation, and drafting. Following the clinic's instructional component, students are placed with a corporate law office, business law firm, or government/administrative legal department where they are mentored by an experienced business law attorney.

Children and Families Clinic

The Children and Families Clinic focuses on the legal needs of individuals, with particular emphasis on the economically disadvantaged. Family law constitutes one of the primary components of civil practice, particularly for practitioners in small firms. Along with the Criminal Justice Clinic, this clinic provides the most extensive litigation experience. Key areas of legal representation include custody and divorce, benefits, employment, housing, and health. Students will serve as interns either in the in-house clinic, under the supervision of NSU Law professor-practitioners, or in a legal-aid or government office that provides legal assistance to children and families.

Criminal Justice Clinic

Many students practice in the area of criminal law immediately upon graduation from law school. Students enrolled in the Criminal Justice Clinic are schooled in the practical aspects of trial preparation and may participate in actual trials. Students have the opportunity to serve as interns in prosecutors and public defenders offices in South Florida and around the country.

Environmental and Land Use Law Clinic

Protection of the environment is becoming an increasingly important area of law in both the public and private domains. Students in the Environmental and Land Use Law Clinic are exposed to the legal processes that define this area of law and explore issues such as growth management, comprehensive planning, land use, and environmental permitting. Clinical interns either work in-house on complex litigation matters under the supervision of NSU Law professor-practitioners or are placed with government offices or private law firms that specialize in environmental issues.

International Practice Clinic

In recent years, the practice of law has become increasingly dominated by global concerns. Students enrolled in the International Practice Clinic explore key issues involving both public and private concerns, such as the impact of treaties, peacekeeping and human rights, intellectual property, and practical applications of international business regulations. Some clinic interns may be placed with international organizations devoted to humanitarian efforts.  Others might serve as interns in private law firms that specialize in international business law or students may choose to work in the area of immigration.

Personal Injury Litigation Clinic

The wide range of civil tort litigation reflects the diverse nature of modern personal injury practice. The Personal Injury Litigation Clinic provides students with opportunities to develop the lawyering skills needed in evaluating, preparing, settling, and trying personal injury cases. Students are exposed to various aspects of tort litigation, including client and witness interviewing, pleadings, discovery and motion documents, hearings, depositions, mediations, and trials.

Veterans Law Clinic

The Veterans Law Clinic will educate students regarding the substantive, procedural, practical, and ethical elements that arise in the direct representation of veterans and/or active military personnel in general civil and quasi-criminal matters. Students will gain instruction in the necessary legal skills and knowledge involved in the general practice of law through the representation of this population: client interviewing, legal analysis, drafting legal documents, motion practice, courtroom presentation, collaboration with other professionals, professionalism, and general case management while providing a service to our heroes.


NSU Law Center's Clinical Programs Office cannot provide direct legal advice or services to members of the general public. For assistance in obtaining an attorney, please contact the Broward County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at 954-764-8040, the Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service at 1-800-342-8011 or your local Legal Aid Office.

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