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Welcome to Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center. As you browse through our website, I invite you to look at both the prospective student information and the information we provide to our current J.D. students, international L.L.M. students, M.S. students, alumni, and supporters. In these pages, I am sure you will find many answers to why Shepard Broad stands out as an exceptional community to join in your pursuit of a law degree.

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A Regional Law Center with International Impact

international With law school partnerships in Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Argentina, and other regions, the Shepard Broad experience remains a truly global undertaking. Visiting scholars, lawyers, and students from around the globe add to our understanding of the world around us and build on our highly recognized international efforts. In addition, our study abroad opportunities and dual degree programs enable J.D. students to earn their law degrees abroad.

At Shepard Broad, our expansive, inclusive community reflects our commitment to being among the most diverse law schools in the United States. Through student organizations, community partnerships, and coursework, students become part of an open, pluralistic community dedicated to expanding opportunity and justice for all the communities we reach.

A central focus of NSU's law school is its faculty. Through our faculty's expertise and involvement in land use and environmental law, health law, international law, business law, entertainment law, and many other fields, our graduates learn from highly recognized scholars and working practitioners to develop the professional skills needed for today and the challenges of tomorrow.

More than Just a Law School

Shepard Broad Law Center is an international skillscommunity of leaders, lawyers, and learners. Located in the South Florida, the Law Center sits among 314-acres of greenbelt, creating the ideal environment for mixing culture, ideas, perspectives, and people. The result is a passionate, highly engaged community, which works collaboratively on education, scholarship, public policy, and justice.

The opportunity to roll up your sleeves and hit the ground running is available to students with many different interests:

Dual degree opportunities within Nova Southeastern University and other universities to work with professionals in project-oriented coursework to experience serving as a lawyer in understanding a client's complex needs:

  • NSU Huizenga School of Business
    • Law with Business, International Business, Accounting or Tax (J.D./M.B.A.)
  • NSU Graduate School of Humanities & Social Sciences
    • Law & Conflict Analysis and Resolution (J.D./M.A., J.D./Ph.D.)
  • NSU Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences
    • Law & Computer Information Systems (J.D./M.S.)
  • Florida Atlantic University
    • Law & Urban and Regional Planning (J.D./M.U.R.P.)

Becoming a lawyer means far more than practicing law. Teachers, business professionals, filmmakers, and presidents have all been lawyers. Shepard Broad's learning community prepares our students to have an impact - as trial attorneys, educators, business leaders, legislators, or scores of other professionals. The discipline, problem-solving, values, and strategic thinking you will learn make the Shepard Broad Law Center experience and J.D. degree valuable cornerstones on which to build a future. Law school is challenging and Shepard Broad accepts only highly qualified candidates, but for students with the skills and commitment, the rewards last a lifetime.

Hands-on, Student Centered Learning

Our experienced faculty founded Shepard Broad as a place where great ideas are actively placed in practice. Students learn through doing. This hands-on experience is built upon a foundation of rigorous, in-depth study. The opportunities to roll up your sleeves and hit the ground running are available to students of all interests. Our workshop program brings dozens of different fields of study back into the classroom for hands-on experience that bridges classroom learning with live client experience.

A Supportive, Student-Centered Community

The heart of Shepard Broad's success is our students. The same philosophy that motivates us to provide hands-on, student-centered, active learning means we care about the experience our students have while in law school. Each member of our community - students, faculty, and staff - strives to assure a warm, open environment.

We are highly diverse in terms of culture, age, ethnicity, life-experience, gender, sexual orientation, and ideas. We support and respect each other, so that people may openly share their thoughts and values. Ideas can be shared and emotions expressed in an honest, thought-provoking environment. We explore controversial topics and test strongly-held beliefs. Out of this supportive, challenging environment flows new ideas, new laws, and new careers - the lifeblood of our learning culture.

A Part of Nova Southeastern University's Learning Community

Another important part of Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center is the university community where we live, learn, and work. Dual degree opportunities and classes available to law students in other departments and disciplines enhance our students' understanding of both the law and its broader implications. Libraries, health facilities, theatre, and music programs greatly broaden the legal education experience. Shepard Broad sits at the center of this dynamic interchange, ensuring that law students are actively included in the life of the university.

Just the Beginning

I urge you to learn about the unique opportunities at the Shepard Broad Law Center. I encourage you to read about the programs and our faculty, students, and alumni, and their achievements that make NSU an exceptional place to attend law school. Please call us, e-mail, or stop in to find out more.

I hope to see you here.

Jon M. Garon
Dean and Professor of Law

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