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At NSU, we believe dreams are meant to be realized... that dedicated individuals deserve a chance... that success is limited only by the height of your aspirations.

The Alternative Admissions Model Program for Legal Education (AAMPLE ®) offers determined individuals - whose outright admission to law school is questionable based on traditional applicants criteria - the opportunity to earn a place in the classroom. This performance - based admissions program rewards students who demonstrate the desire, commitment and level of achievement necessary to manage the rigors of law school. Those admitted through the AAMPLE ® program demonstrate a strong potential for success in law school.

The program consists of two law school courses, Introduction to the 4th Amendment and Negotiable Instruments. These were selected from our regular law school curriculum and modified to provide the most accurate indication of a student's potential for law school success. The courses are taught by tenured professors from our full-time faculty. While success in this program earns you admission to the Law Center as a degree candidate, the American Bar Association does not allow the Law Center to count the grades earned in AAMPLE ® courses in your law school grade point average or count AAMPLE ® participation towards the 90 credits required for graduation.

Your acceptance into the first year class is also subject to our receipt of official transcripts from all previously attended undergraduate and graduate institutions. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the institutions to our Office of Student Affairs. The official transcripts are required in addition to the copies sent to us with LSDAS reports. We must receive the official transcripts no later than July 24, 2015.

Success in this rigorous program is by no means guaranteed, and there is no fixed percentage of students who successfully complete the program. We believe that everyone we accept into AAMPLE ® has the potential to succeed if she/he has the determination to do so, can act on it and devotes full attention to this program. There are no quotas involving admission; there are NO MAXIMUM numbers who can join Nova Southeastern University's entering class. Everyone admitted to AAMPLE ® has the opportunity to succeed.

All AAMPLE ® results are final and non-appealable. Neither the professors nor the school's administration can or will change grades once they are posted. The only exception is for clerical errors, such as the wrong grade being accidentally written on the grade sheet. The faculty and administration will not grant any petition for admission, for any reason, until the two year time limit has expired.

We offer AAMPLE ® both On Campus and Online. Both programs are by invitation only. Invitations to this program are offered by the admissions committee after reviewing application files to the NSU Law Center.

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