You could become an effective public speaker!  You could become so comfortable speaking in public that you would look forward to public speaking, even if it now terrifies you.  You could become the one that people look to when it is time to make a presentation or run a meeting.  Wouldn’t that enhance your future?  Toastmasters has arrived to help you. 

Toastmasters International is a worldwide organization dedicated to teaching all its members to speak confidently and effectively.  We are forming a chapter right here at the Law Center.  This is a voluntary student activity so there are no grades.  This is a particularly important opportunity for students who do not participate in moot court or mock trial activities because they do not see litigation in their future. To learn more about Toastmasters International, click on this link:

If you have completed your first semester of law school, you are invited to the Shepard Broad Law Center Chapter of Toastmasters

2014-2015 Board Members:

  Mary Grecz President
  Lindsay Lawrence Vice President of Public Relations
  Santino Finizio Past-President
  Terry Roberts Treasurer
  Regina Fullana Vice President of Membership
  Brittney Horton Vice President of Education
  Geoffrey Langbart Sergeant at Arms

Faculty Advisor

  Ronald Brown Professor of Law

General Members

  • Marlee Arnold
  • Andrea Baker
  • Daniel Berardicurti
  • Roberto Bode
  • Christina Brown
  • Pamela Chavez
  • Stephanie Chocron
  • Amir Cyrus
  • Erica DeSanti
  • Brian Elstein
  • Matthew Fox
  • David Fry
  • Elen Gantner
  • Kiran Garcia
  • Monique Garcia
  • Pamela Gordon
  • Lisa Hailey
  • Callie Hannan
  • Dustin Hite
  • Sophia Huda
  • Alfred Marten
  • Richard Nelson
  • Casey Noto
  • Christina Perez-Gurri
  • Xia Xia Terranova
  • Alessandra Villaraos
  • Theresa Wagner
  • Sharita Young

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