Nova Trial Association

Nova Trial AssociationThe Nova Trial Association (NTA) is an honors co-curricular organization that strives to help students develop their litigation skills so that when they leave law school, they bring with them the tools necessary to be skillful and successful lawyers wherever they may practice. Throughout the year, NTA assembles trial teams to compete in state wide and national mock trial competitions, including those hosted by the Florida Bar, the Florida Justice Association, the American Association for Justice, and the Texas Young Lawyers Association.

NTA also hosts at least two in-house competitions during the school year, including its annual regional closing argument competition which is open to competitors from other law schools in Florida. NTA provides not only its Members, but all students who aspire to become compelling litigators, with a variety of resources to develop their litigation skills - including guest speaker events with trial lawyers and judges, training sessions, and CLE seminars.

As an evolution of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA), NTA strives to provide students and lawyers with the information and professional assistance needed to serve clients successfully and protect the democratic values inherent in the civil justice system.  By connecting students with exceptional trial lawyers in the community, and preparing them to compete against other schools, NTA continues to mold its members into young lawyers who are ready for the real world.  Joining NTA is the first step toward building a career long affiliation with not only one of the best organizations at NSU, but with the South Florida legal community.

2013-2014 Board Members:

  Jessica Bartell President
  Annalise Hayes Vice President of Operations
  Vanessa Seblano Vice President of Competitions
  John Tolley Vice President of Teams

Faculty Advisor

  Mark Dobson Professor of Law

General Members

  • Eric Aaronson
  • Jennifer Aguila
  • Lillian Alvarez
  • Berkin Aslan
  • Sandra Bahamonde
  • Arielle Bishop
  • Christina Black
  • Suzanne Bloom
  • Barry Chenman
  • Amir Cyrus
  • Harrison Cytryn
  • Jay Dermer
  • Ashley Dixon-Rolston
  • Rosendo Forns
  • Mark Gaeta
  • Sarah Gellerman
  • Fabio Giallanza
  • Leer Gloger
  • Jessica Goldfarb
  • Christina Gomez
  • Matthew Gottlieb
  • Evan Gusky
  • Lydia Harley
  • Heather Itzkowitz
  • Andrew Jaffe
  • Lisa Johnson
  • Spencer Keyser
  • Danielle Lennox
  • Shaniqueka Marcelus
  • Danielle Mousley
  • Shai Ozery
  • Thomas Patti
  • James Paul
  • Citra Registe
  • Ivan Rodriguez
  • Lyn Roman
  • Harold Rosenthal
  • Gal Rosenzweig
  • Mark Sargent
  • Jesse Schwartz
  • Samantha Seidler
  • David Shaheen
  • Amy Silverstein
  • Marco Sylvania
  • Kirk True
  • Rahysa Vargas-Gomez
  • Matthew Wasserman
  • Henry Watkins
  • Allan Weinthal
  • Arlen Weintraub
  • Joseph Williams
  • Justin Zeig

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