Florida Association of Women Lawyers

FAWL'S goals are to further common legal and social interest of women, and promote the highest standards of professional ethics and culture in the law school community. FAWL maintains a bulletin board to keep the school informed of all upcoming events sponsored by the Nova Southeastern University Chapter of FAWL as well as the Broward County, West Palm Beach, and Miami Chapters of FAWL.

2014-2015 Board Members:

  Carolyn Ware President
  Candice Cobb Treasurer
  Michelle Binnun Furiato Day Secretary
  Marissa Furman Recruitment and Retention Officer
  Emily Josephson Community Service Chair
  Michelle Avis Public Relations Coordinator
  Danielle Zukowsky Fundraising Coordinator
  Jessica Donner 1L Representative
  Amanda Carbone 1L Representative
  Cheryl Joseph 1L Representative

Faculty Advisor

  Heather Baxter Associate Professor of Law

General Members

  • Fatima Bachemin
  • Nirvana Bissessar
  • Eunice Cabrera
  • Sari Canavan
  • Stephany Candamo
  • Danielle Carlsen
  • Christina Cassie
  • Sheri-Lynn Corey
  • Catherine Davis
  • Ashley Dixon-Rolston
  • Suzanne Dycus
  • Ashley Ellis
  • Natalie Ender
  • Gina Festa
  • Jennifer Haime
  • Astrid Hervas
  • Lovecia Holmes
  • Brittney Horton
  • Heather Itzkowitz
  • Jessika Jackson
  • Brittany Jacobs
  • Jaclyn Jacobson
  • Shannon Kelly
  • Lauren Kerstetter
  • Ashley LaScala
  • Sara Mammarella
  • Kimberly Matyjasik
  • Elizabeth Mitchell
  • Sophia Mitchell
  • Antoinette Pollard
  • Heather Printz
  • Jennifer Probe
  • Kristen Reynoso
  • Elisabeth Rodriguez
  • Jaime Rosen
  • Samantha Saccucci
  • Krizia Toledo

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