Evening Law Students Association

The Evening Law Students Association (ELSA) was formed in the winter of 2007.

The purpose of the ELSA is:

  • To foster a sense of community and common purpose among all Evening Division students and others who share our challenges of maintaining full-time employment, balancing a full home life, and entering the legal career at a later age than most law students.
  • To communicate the desire of Evening Division to have equivalent career development and academic resources and programs available for all students, regardless of Division
  • To serve as an organized mechanism for interaction among Evening Division students such as social events, peer mentoring, academic assistance, and career assistance.
  • To serve as a clearinghouse and point of contact for other members of the Law Center who seek the involvement or opinion of the Evening Division students.

2013-2014 Board Members:

  Megan Moschell President
  Rachel Francis Vice President
  Francia Cabral Secretary
  Oscar Berlanga Treasurer
  Kiran Garcia 4L Representative
  Shaghayegh Nowroozpour 3L Representative
  Raquel Guerin 2L Representative

Faculty Advisor

  Janet Mosseri Associate Dean for Student Affairs

General Members

  • Brian Albaum
  • Amy Allen
  • Renata Alves
  • Alexander Annunziato
  • Michael Aranda
  • Pedro Balderramos
  • Stacie Barnes
  • Seth Behn
  • Natasha Borrero
  • Lisa Boswell
  • Willis Bowden
  • Jacob Brier
  • Sunni Bruno
  • Whitney Carroll
  • Giancarlo Cellini
  • Ramon Chamy
  • Marc DiMartino
  • Aurelie Espana
  • Lauren Farinas
  • Teresita Feal
  • Pamela Flores
  • Joey Gonzalez
  • Robert Greer
  • Jeanette Hallak
  • Drew Jacobs
  • Michelle Kenney
  • Suzette Laurent
  • Nancy Levros
  • Jacqueline Love
  • Lourdes Mantecon
  • Christopher McClenic
  • Heidi Mehaffey
  • Patricia Merlini
  • Pascal Michel
  • Esmeralda Negron
  • Udoka Nwosu
  • Melissa O'Rourke
  • Kenasha Paul
  • Augusto Perera
  • Norkys Perera
  • Citra Registe
  • Liset Romero
  • Joaquin Rosales-Aramburu
  • Lisa Sarvey
  • David Steinberg
  • Kathy Tenore
  • Shellene Thorpe
  • Mariel Tollinchi
  • Alison Trejo
  • Kristen Tsaklis
  • Danielle Turner
  • Lauren Turner
  • Christian Veras
  • Henry Watkins
  • Amanda Winston

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