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At Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center, we believe that greatness in a law school is not measured in numbers or figures, but in the merit and implementation of its mission. The Law Center's mission is to provide a complete legal education that emphasizes and combines academic excellence, skilled lawyering, the primacy of ethics and service to others as complements to a mix of tradition and innovation. Each day, we move creatively and deliberatively to help our students develop the knowledge, skills, and values that are at the heart of becoming trusted, highly adept, professional lawyers who are respected for serving their clients, their communities, and justice. We strive for balance between long-held conventions, the shifting needs of our students and the ever-changing legal profession. The diversity of our student body, the accomplishments of our programs and reputation in the community for providing outstanding academic quality and a progressive tradition combine to make the Law Center an extraordinary environment for producing lawyers dedicated to justice and excellence in the profession.

An integral part of our mission at the Law Center is our faculty and staff. They are true mentors and role models that challenge and inspire our students. Their expertise and competence in established and emerging areas of law provide the bridge between tradition and evolution in the legal profession. Many of our faculty are nationally documented legal experts in their fields, and have published books and articles that have appeared in prominent law journals across the country. With open-door policies, coaching of advocacy teams, advising student organizations and providing opportunities for success, our faculty and staff support students' successful entry and advancement in the bar and other professions. Our faculty and staff members are involved outside of the Law Center in national, regional and local bar associations and a host of other civic projects and organizations providing students the balance between academic excellence, professionalism, involvement in the community and relevancy in a changing legal profession.

Law Center students are not just numbers; they are members of our community. Our students are a talented and diverse student body with wide-ranging perspectives. We know them as individuals with unique backgrounds, needs and goals. To that end, students are offered boundless opportunities and support needed for success both during and after law school. Each new entering class is selected with the intent that they will be well prepared to practice ethically and professionally in their chosen specialty and meet the needs of the legal community and public. Our extensive and practical curriculum provides options to a variety of legal careers. Students can work on law journals and reviews, join one of our many diverse student organizations, and participate in moot court teams to enhance their education. Real-world skills are gained in clinical programs which offer students actual legal experience. For a global education beyond the classroom, students can attend a variety of international programs. To complement our diverse educational experience, the Law Center's location in the vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale is a major metropolitan and international commerce area. Opportunities abound for internships and externships at the numerous courts, government agencies, public service and non-profit organizations. Additionally, connections to the bench, bar and top law firms are some of the rewarding benefits afforded to students at the Law Center.

Our alumni connection to the legal community spans continents. Law Center graduates are highly respected both nationally and abroad for serving their clients, communities and justice. They are distinguished leaders in top law firms, many levels of government, and at some of the most notable corporations in the world. Is it not uncommon to find our graduates as judges, academics, business leaders, public servants, and practicing lawyers. The Nova Lawyer, our annual alumni publication, is filled with their achievements. Additionally, many of our alumni give back to the Law Center by mentoring and providing a strong network of support and resources to current students and other alums. We are sincerely proud of our alumni in the bench, bar, the legal community and beyond.

As we near our 40th year, we are committed to providing a legacy of respected attorneys, community leaders, law makers, and law changers. The exceptional education, culture, and inspiration that mark the Law Center experience, are a tribute to our faculty, staff, students and alumni. All of us are engaged in a community of people who believe in the possibilities of an exceptional legal education.

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